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The Story
Episode 1 (Part One)
Runner Available

It started with just four words.  


In August of 2017, in a restaurant in Cleveland, TN, a man showed his friend a 4-word classified ad.  They didn't know it then but an amazing adventure awaited them. 


Rob Alderman and Dan Buck are best friends who found each other late in life.  And in many ways, they've lived similar lives. Both married young, had two boys, divorced and remarried.  They even look like different sized versions of the same model of man.  

Rob passed his phone to Dan to show him the Craigslist ad. 

Rob is an avid podcast fan, and one of his favorites is a fictional narrative series

called Tanis, that styles itself in the tradition of investigative journalism. This

podcast's lead "reporter" investigates a series of strange events occurring in the

area around Seattle, Washington. The investigation seems to point to the existence

of a paranormal gateway to a place called Tanis.  In the narrative, people who are

aware of Tanis find each other through classified ads in print and on the web. The

ads are always simple--always the same four words--the same words that Dan was

seeing on Rob’s phone.   SEEKING TANIS.  RUNNER WANTED.


Dan didn't know the podcast like Rob did, but he still had the same questions Rob

did. Who would place such an ad? Why in Southeast Tennessee, so far from the

podcast's origin?  Was this a game? A hoax? A scam?  And most importantly,

should they respond?


After a discussion about the risks, Rob and Dan decided to answer the ad.  According to Rob, the appropriate response was simply "RUNNER AVAILABLE".  He typed the email on his phone and sent it off.  Within ten minutes, they had received an email from the author of the classified ad.

His name was George.  

Here's what he wrote:

Hello fans of Tanis and adventure seekers. 

I’m sorry to inform you that I do not know the location of Tanis.  I placed the ad to which you responded in hopes of finding people like me, who love a good mystery and who might be up for an adventure. You see, I believe there might be something “sinister and secretive” beneath the surface of my hometown, Chattanooga, TN.  

I have been doing a fair amount of online research and since I no longer live in Chatt.  It occurs to me I need some other people to help with the "leg work".  So, making this into a sort of “investigative” game seemed like a fun way to track down some answers.    Please understand that this is a voluntary experience.  Any risk is assumed entirely by you.  I will not ask for your personal details and it is totally free to participate.  Think of it as a guided Geocache hunt.  As you discover and deliver your findings to me, new assignments will be sent to you.  Depending on when you are able to get around to them, and what you find, it could take you between 4-8 weeks to complete. 

If you are interested in receiving your first assignment, please respond to this email by simply saying “I’m in!”   

No need to include your name or contact info, other than the email address you'd prefer I use for correspondence.  I recommend doing these assignments with a partner, to make you feel safer and because some assignments will be time sensitive. With two people, one of you will be more likely to be available if something must be done at a specific day and time. Please, sign all correspondence with some kind of alias or team name. That way I can keep track of who has accomplished each task. 



Project SSA 

Warning:  some of the story elements and locations may be frightening to small children.  Everyone exposes their children to different things at different times. But I'd call this a PG-13 experience.

This would be the point where some might pause. Rob and Dan did not

pause.  Rob and Dan are in a similar place in their lives. Some things have

gone well for them, and others have not.  They recognize that life will offer

them only so many opportunities for love, wisdom, and adventure.  And

they've had multiple conversations about being the kind of men who are

assertive in making their lives what they want it to be.  Part of that

commitment means saying "yes" to things that seem odd or scary.  So,

there was very little discussion about whether or not they'd embark on this

mysterious journey.  Adventure comes to those who say yes.


Rob wrote back that night and signed the email: TEAM SPEAKEASY. 

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