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Here, you will find all photos and videos of our adventure organized by Episode. 

SPOILER ALERT: You may want to wait until you have heard or read an episode before browsing it's media.

Episode 1 - Runners Wanted

Rob and Dan discover an unusual ad on Craigslist.  After they answer it, they are sent on their first assignment to the Natural Bridge on Lookout Mountain.  

Episode 2 - The Haunted Hunter

Rob and Dan are sent to explore a ghost story at Chattanooga's Hunter Museum.  And what they find there leads to a new mystery.

Rob and Dan meet with a personal injury lawyer who owns the building that was once Odd Fellows Hall, where the earliest meetings of the SSA took place.  

Episode 4 - Only One May Continue

Rob and Dan head to Greenwood Cemetery, famously haunted by a woman who was confined to a wheelchair in life, but who hovers over the site of her violent death at night.  

This mission involves direct interaction with The Communicator.

Episode 5 - "I'm Sorry I Let You Burn"

Rob and Dan begin to explore the lives of Milton and Adolph Ochs, the late 19th century brothers who seem to be the key to this mystery.  And they make a grizzly discovery about a downtown Chattanooga monument.  

Episode 6 - Two Eagles, One Flew

Rob and Dan must find the grave of Milton Ochs and there is a message waiting for them which leads them to an abandoned, overgrown public park project.  

Episode 7 - An Interview with George

The man at the center of our story breaks his anonymity and agrees to sit down with Jeremy for an interview.  

Episode 8 - The Final Chapter

Rob and Dan attend a meeting of the SSA and their grand adventure comes to a dramatic conclusion.  

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